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Acores.gif Direktor

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Posted on 04/03/2022  
More admins
Hey guys

Can you make some of the regular players admins maybe?

Voteban and votekick doesn't work. And when there are cheaters or spammers in the game there is nothing we can do about it.


Server I play on: Deathmatch Fun maps
Nickname in game: Hackenholt
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czech.gif Rohlik

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Posted on 04/03/2022  
RE : More admins
from normal people yes can submit a request for admin but we do not give admin just to anyone,we already had a case that with me someone gave an admin and then banned players that were better than him,when we direct someone it is better for us if he has some experience with an admin,and some of us go to work,so on the servers it bans anticheat but it does not ban all cheats so that's why there is a forum for reporting cheaters there just need to prove the steam id and the name in the game.
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