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Reason: 'Aim'

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Posted on 06/01/2021  
Reason: 'Aim'
I guess that's the same one as the other topic in here.
All I can say I've got a stock config with no edits, as I remember.
[AMXBans] You have been banned from this Server by Admin -= I Love Cz # GunGame #1 =-.  
[AMXBans] There are 4 weeks , 1 day , 23 hours , 56 minutes and 21 seconds left of your ban.  
[AMXBans] Banned Nickname : ebobo  
[AMXBans] Reason : ' Aim '  
[AMXBans] You can complain about your ban @ www.ilovecz.net  
[AMXBans] Your SteamID : ' STEAM_0 : 0 : 66463858 '  
[AMXBans] Your IP : ' '  
[AMXBans] ===============================================

The files are here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2j71t9iguvlf7z2/1.tar/file

However, seeing from this:
>the meaning behind the story is that it's not a big deal to be accused and judged but keeping a clean record is better and will always keep u on the safe side.
>monitor ( type | delay | refresh rate )
> CPU and GPU
> and finally record ur screen and mouse with outside device ( like an external Camera pointed at ur hand and screen ) and show what configs will be exuced .
I guess either you have a faulty scraper of user data or you're just one of those info-greedy control maniacs. Neither case makes you a good person.
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Posted on 06/01/2021  
RE : Reason: 'Aim'
>or you're just one of those info-greedy control maniacs
I guess this is the case since you even have a JS script that intends to prevent clicking on the site with RMB.
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Egypt.gif King Dark

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Posted on 06/01/2021  
RE : Reason: 'Aim'
Hello ,

first of all every ban case have it's reasons and have it's history talking without knowing is idk what to call it but lets keep it as 'none of your business'.

secondly the data i asked for was to proof if he is using something or providing false files and since u like to read other topics i'm sure u saw that i added a note saying and i quote "the camera must not show ur face or anything that shows ur real idenitity as privacy is something that we don't want to hurt just try to keep a camera standing or mainly focused on ur screen and mouse like at the edge of ur computer table or something.", so all the data i asked for is very much related to the game and how it will impact his results along side his skill level.

thirdly he agreed and provided the data he can and from our side we applied more strict anti-cheat system to keep players having a fair and good game exp and he got unbanned.

finally u play in this server and if it wasn't fair and good u wouldn't have come and asked for unban, so if u don't like our rules and our way of keeping it safe and cheat free feel free to stay banned.

note :calling me a Maniac won't do u good or bad but try to have a better language when u speak next time u were originally banned by system anti cheat not by me and all i have been doing is solve issue regarding why this bans happened so if it was false positive i try to fix it.

i will review ur demo from the time u got banned and talk with Chiken hope ur issue is resolved .

Best Regards
King Dark.
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France.gif Chiken

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Posted on 06/01/2021  
RE : Reason: 'Aim'
as I am a maniac you will remain banned and even from my site bye

Edited by chiken on 06/01/2021
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